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Harold’s love of music started when he was a young boy. His dad was part of a family gospel quartet and he instilled in his family the importance of music and the joy that it brings to others. Harold’s brother taught him the guitar and together they spent several hours a week playing gospel and country music.

As he grew up he learned to play more instruments, such as, the bass guitar and steel guitar. Feeling the calling on his life to share his God given talent with others he started traveling with a southern gospel group when he was in his 30’s. Since then he has played and sang for six southern gospel groups and two bluegrass groups. One southern gospel group consisting of his wife, Susan, and his brother-in-law, Mark. The joy of reaching out to people and telling them the good news of Jesus has made Harold’s life work in music the ultimate blessing. He’s also had the opportunity to gain experience by getting to know many well known artists in the southern gospel and bluegrass fields. This has been an added blessing.

Not only singing and playing instruments, but Harold is a proficient sound technician, using his skills in sound in churches, at concerts and festivals not only for his groups but even well known groups. With his experience he has helped countless people in the field of sound.

To this day, he is still sharing the talent that God has given him with others. With Unashamed, his music has made a complete circle. Loving music even more than ever and loving the Lord always and wanting to share HIM with others …. the song in his heart will keep going on.



Larry grew up near Hasty, AR in Newton County. His earliest and fondest memories are of his great-grandma (Mammie-Bess Gibson Martin) singing at church and around home.

They did not have television or indoor plumbing, but they had love. Thumping on his mom's old Kay guitar and listening to the Friday and Saturday night Grand Ole Opry were favorite past times.

In January of 1987, after years of straying and wandering, Larry accepted God's plan of Salvation and has never been the same since.

In 2003, he started singing with Unashamed Gospel Bluegrass and considers it a ministry of the Lord.

In 2006, he started helping with the Northwest Arkansas Bluegrass Festival and is still active with that in 2011.




Gary Nichols was born, raised and still lives on the family farm outside of Harrison, AR. His father taught him to play the mandolin when he was small and he promised the Lord if He would help him learn to play, he would always play for Him. He started playing in small churches and his love for gospel music grew and he started playing drums.

He has played with 10 different local southern gospel groups and opened for groups such as the Hinsons, Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters, the Singing Ledbetters and Pat Boone. He started playing mandolin for the Revelators and then traveled with Arlis Burkes playing and singing. Seven years ago, he got together with some friends and they formed the group Unashamed Gospel Bluegrass and he has been with them since that day.

His ministry in music includes singing with his wife, playing at his church and going to the nursing homes every week. He has played and sang for 46 years and he feels that playing and singing for God is his ministry and loves what he feels God has called him to do.





Jether Raney plays banjo for the group, sings lead on a few songs
and harmony on some others. He has been with the group since 2007.

Jether lives with his wife, Sue, in the Mt. Sherman community near Jasper, Arkansas where he has lived most of his life. He is a retired school teacher and principal.

Jether has been playing bluegrass music for several years. In the late 1970's, he and his son, daughter and one of his musician friends formed a gospel bluegrass band and played at Dogpatch, USA for a couple of summers. He has also played with a few other local bluegrass bands.








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